Implementation of GEC model

The GEC model is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We honor the unique setting, culture, aspirations, expertise, and resources of our partners and schools. Developing an effective partnership involves learning from all stakeholders the current strengths of the school ecosystem as well as unique opportunities for growth. Leaders from each partner organization will work together to plan for and guide three incremental stages that will be implemented across the entire school ecosystem.

Aspiring School

Aspiring GIST Schools are focused on advancement of a collaborative and inclusive school culture and the development of trusted relationships among all members of the school ecosystem. At the heart of a robust ecosystem is innovative educational practice. This stage of implementation involves targeted professional development of teachers, including inquiries into learner-centered, authentic projects; diverse types of evidence-based data to inform instruction; performance- or project-based assessments; and robust “Milestone” projects. This stage also involves identifying opportunities for growth and strengthened relationships within the ecosystem.

Emerging School

While the focus on high-quality teaching and learning continues, Emerging GIST Schools are tasked with the intentional and strategic implementation of technology as a tool for continued reflection and growth. Management systems for assessment, data collection related to both students and teachers, and school-wide decision-making are introduced to ensure shared responsibility for the school’s progress and success.

Master School

With an engaged community in place, Master GIST Schools begin to explore and integrate architectural changes to emphasize cohesion, autonomy, and authenticity in the learning environment. Master GIST Schools may put together plans for remodeling or a new building design, in which the built environment supports and enhances both human activity and natural living systems. These changes further strengthen a sense of belonging among members of the school ecosystem.

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